About Us


Blantyre Baptist Church 21ST CENTURY VISION


It is the vision of Blantyre Baptist Church:

To be a place where the lost, hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, the lonely, and the confused   can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement

Of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with all the residents of our area and to all those whom God gives us opportunity to reach for Him

Of developing people to spiritual maturity through the preached word of God, bible study, small groups, seminars, workshops, retreads and Sunday bible study

What we believe

Articles of Faith
The articles of faith are concise statements about the fundamental Christian Beliefs. It is vitally important that every Christian and indeed every Baptist should know them so that he/she is able to state and articulate what we believe. It is also important for the Christian to know these beliefs so that he/she has capacity to defend his/her faith.


Our Roots -Short Baptist History

Baptists trace their history to Anabaptists. The Anabaptist movement began in Zurich, Switzerland. Anabaptists were rebaptisers. They rejected the idea of infant baptism and refused to have their children christened. It was their belief that faith preceded baptism. By the same contention it followed that they themselves invalidated their infant baptisms and therefore were rebaptised and practiced believers’ baptism.
Some Christians felt that the Reformation did not go far enough. The reformation was an attempt to bring reforms in the Roman Catholic Church which was the main church in the West and whose practices were seen to be unbiblical. The Reformation began in the 16th Century with Martin Luther a catholic priest who broke away from the church in protests. His action brought about the Protestant  or Reformation movement. 

Church Structure And Organisation


The church is lead by Rev Vincent Chirwa who is the Resident Pastor. As a pastor he is the shepherd of the flock of God under his care. He is there to feed the flock with the Word of God through preaching and teaching, to protect the flock from false doctrine, he directs where the flock must go by providing a vision and running with the vision, he comforts those that are injured.
The pastor is assisted by Assistant Pastor Kenneth Mpemba. Pastor Mpemba is the overseer of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Requirements For Church Membership

For one to be accepted as a member of the church, one must satisfy the following:

1. He/She must have experienced a genuine conversion and have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This experience is also referred to as the new birth. Therefore, only a person who has been saved or born again can become a member of the church.
2. He/she must be a baptized believer by immersion. This means the person was baptized following his/her conversion. Since we believe that faith should come before baptism, it means that those who are born again but had baptism prior to their conversion, we require of them to be baptized.
3. A letter of transfer from a Baptist Church or a church with similar beliefs in good standing with the church will be accepted for membership.
4. A temporary resident in Malawi may be received as an associate member if for valid reasons the individual does not want to transfer his/her membership from the church to which he will return. Baptism by immersion will not be required of associate members.