Church Structure And Organisation


The church is lead by Rev Vincent Chirwa who is the Resident Pastor. As a pastor he is the shepherd of the flock of God under his care. He is there to feed the flock with the Word of God through preaching and teaching, to protect the flock from false doctrine, he directs where the flock must go by providing a vision and running with the vision, he comforts those that are injured.
The pastor is assisted by Assistant Pastor Kenneth Mpemba. Pastor Mpemba is the overseer of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Deacons are a group of men and women who serve together with the pastors and make important decisions in between church business meetings and implement what the church has collectively decided.

Ministry Leaders are men and women who are heading some ministries within the church. Such ministries are the following: Men, Women, Youth and Young Adults, Children, AWANA, Prayer, Stewardship and Finance, Sunday School etc

The church meets for regular meetings like the Annual General Meeting, Quarterly Business meetings and also specially called meetings like the election of Deacons. Decisions are made through voting.

Blantyre Baptist church, like all Baptist churches follow the congregational system of church government. This means that the church is autonomous. There is no headquarters in Baptist Church where decisions are made and they are binding in the local church. That means the church decides the calling of a pastor, the removal of a pastor, the drawing up of a budget and the use of tithes and offerings. This does not mean independence. We believe in the inter-dependence of local churches. The church because of its voluntary affiliation and membership is also bound by resolutions made at annual Baptist Convention of Malawi where the church is represented.  

Blantyre Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Convention of Malawi (BACOMA) as a denomination. BACOMA is a member of the All Africa Baptist Fellowship (AABF), European Baptist Mission (EBM) and is also a member of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). The Baptist World Alliance comprises 216 conventions/unions representing over 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) Baptists worldwide.
Locally, BACOMA outside Baptist circles is also a member of the Evangelical Association of Malawi and Malawi Council of Churches which are mother bodies of Evangelicals and Mainline Churches respectively.
Blantyre Baptist Church is part of the Blantyre Baptist Association. This is an association of Baptist churches within the locality. The Associations are part of the six Regions of the Convention namely: North-north, North, Central East, Central West, South East and South-South. Blantyre Baptist Church is in the South-South Region    

The church is financed by the giving of its members. At the beginning of the year the church approves a budget proposed by the Finance Committee, which we try to follow closely. The Finance Committee monitors income and expenditure and advise the church through the leadership.
We teach that the tithe or ten percent of one’s income belongs to God and that in addition, members should give offerings. Tithe envelopes are given to members and receipts are issued. Members can give designated offerings. We publish weekly giving in the Church Bulletin. There is an annual audit by Graham Carr and Company.