Men's Ministry

Our Purpose

  1. Spiritual Growth – We like to  address the challenges men face (such as faithfulness in marriage, balancing responsibilities, leadership, parenting, etc.) we look to Jesus to help us grow in knowledge, faith and wisdom.
  2. Mutual Encouragement – All of us have had experiences from the past, and we have struggles in the present. As we talk together and pray, we can help one another through the difficulties that men face.
  3. Outreach – Many Christian men have difficulty fulfilling their God given roles to be spiritual leaders. There are also many men who are resisting God’s call to believe in Him. Our Men’s Ministry seeks to patiently and lovingly encourage all men to be what God wants them to be through faith in Jesus.

When Do We  Meet?

Our Men’s Ministry meets from time to time, we try to meet once a month and planning for special events. We will announce upcomming events on this website.

What Else Do You Do?

We organize special outings, retreats, and service projects (such church clean up, visits in prisons, helping individual members).

Who Can I Talk To?

Chairperson is Justin Manga  0 993 596 004